Orvis Private Fly-Fishing and Wingshooting Lessons

Time spent with our instructors will, quite simply, make you a better sportsman.


Here at The Orvis Company, we are well aware that success in the field and on the water requires patience, practice, and a solid understanding of the fundamentals. With this in mind, we've developed fly fishing and wingshooting instruction to benefit shooters and anglers of all levels. Orvis instruction is based on the same individual care and commitment to excellence that has described the brand for well over a century. Time spent with our instructors will, quite simply, make you a better sportsman.

To make your reservation, please call: 802-362-4155.

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Instruction

While some anglers simply wish to learn the basics of the fly cast, others are looking to get a few extra feet out of their double-haul. Regardless of skill level, the instructors at the Orvis Flagship School in Manchester, Vermont, will make you a better caster. Using the Orvis Progressive Method of teaching fly casting, our instructors will walk you seamlessly through the process of becoming a more efficient and effective caster.

Private Individual & Group Fly Casting Lessons: (hourly rate)
1 Person - $65.00
2 People - $95.00
3 People - $120.00
4 People - $150.00

Only two miles away from the Orvis Flagship Store rest the crystal clear waters of the Equinox Pond. Our Combination Pond Trips give students the opportunity to put newly-learned skills to immediate use. Students on our Pond Trips learn casting and rigging fundamentals on the bank, then take to the water in one of our stable drift boats. The Equinox trout can be finicky, but they are more than capable of filling out the complete fly-fishing experience.

*We only have two boats on the pond to limit fishing pressure. Trips are subject to availability.

Combination Pond Trip (2 hours)
1 Person - $120.00
2 People - $160.00

Combination Pond Trip (4 hours)
1 Person - $185.00
2 People - $250.00


Wingshooting Instruction

The Orvis Progressive Method of wingshooting instruction builds off of the English Churchill Method of instinctive field shooting. This process allows shooters a dynamic and comfortable way to instinctively break clay targets. Our wingshooting instructors are truly leaders in the field; under their guidance beginners learn the basics of safety, gun mount, and swing, while more seasoned shooters benefit from individualized problem solving. Our Manchester facility is an instructional area only, and not open to public target shooting.

1 Person - $190.00
2 People - $225.00
3 People - $260.00
4 People - $295.00

*Price includes targets and ammunition

Combination Fly Casting & Wing shooting Instruction: (2 hours — 1 hour casting, 1 hour shooting)
1 Person - $245.00
2 People - $285.00
3 People - $325.00
4 People - $365.00


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